Lectures are valuable stimuli. Below is a selection of company-internal as well as public lectures, TV appearances and teaching assignments.

Examples of SALLI_Performance - lectures:

  • "Smart Retorts versus Speechlessness!".
  • "Digitale Kompetenz - Warum brauchen wir soziale Netzwerk-Kompetenz?“.
  • “Fancy Leadership? The Paradox of Leadership".       more

Examples of SALLI_People - lectures:

  • “How Do Teams Work? From Initial Stimuli to High-Performing Teams". 
  • “Successful Teams - Error Management as a Leadership Role".
  • "International High Performance Teams under Challenging Conditions".     more

Examples of SALLI_Transformation - lectures:

  • "Coaching in the Case of Mergers and Acquisitions".
  • "The People Journey - Organizational Change in Business Transformation". 
  • “Fancy Change? Special Aspects of Change Management".     more