"Smart verbal counter techniques instead of speechlessness!"

SALLI_Net Career & Business Networking Event

Conflicts and content-related discussions are part of everyday business. However, inappropriate verbal attacks and insults can be overwhelming. Instead of confidently countering, it sometimes is challenging to find the right words to respond or we end up in pointless discussions. Afterwards, we feel upset and try to figure out what an appropriate answer would have been.

Unfortunately, this is not the way to reach our goals - to maintain a dialogue, not to destroy any relationships and to reply in a quick-witted manner instead of being speechless. However, there are techniques for smart reaction without insulting your counterpart. Even more, it is possible to learn how to handle such situations without feeling stressed and even to have fun in countering.

Angelika Förster started the event with a lecture on verbal counter techniques, a toolbox and tips for their use. More than  20 participants had the opportunity to practice the techniques based on real-life examples from business and to exchange their learnings. Interesting  lessons learned of the group works were intercultural differences in applying those techniques and the importance of an situation-based approach.

The participants had a lot of fun practicing different techniques. The business contacts, impressions and learnings were deepened during the follow-up dinner.

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