Dr. Angelika Förster

Her curiosity as to what motivates people to perform well and what key factors play a role in ensuring that performance leads to the desired success has characterized her entire career.

During her training and studies she was a member of the German National Karate Team achieving international success. She was European Champion, winner of the Bronze Medal at the World Games and was also awarded a Higher Master’s Degree in Tokyo.

She studied physics, sport science, philosophy as well as educational science and earned her PhD from KIT, the University of Karlsruhe, Germany, in psycho regulation and mental training in competitive sports. As a sports psychologist she worked with top athletes, teams and coaches from professional leagues and Olympic teams and was also a lecturer in performance maximization and leadership.

Early on in her career she already assumed management positions, many of which entailed comprehensive change projects. She was responsible for successfully implementing large-scale transformations, developing innovative business lines and providing guidance to large start-up company portfolios.

Angelika Förster ranks among the most renowned executive coaches, most notably in the fields of career, leadership and change. Many years of coaching experience in globally operating companies also at the board level as well as management experience coupled with scientific coaching education and training distinguish her as a coach.

"The mind must be set free".

Kokoro wa hanatan koto o yosu - Gichin Funakoshi